Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement agreed on to dissolve itself in al-Ghab Plains and Shahshabo Mountain region following agreement with the Syrian al-Qaeda branch; Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

According to the deal, Ahrar militants shall hand over all their heavy and medium weapons to HTS, but can only keep light arms.

This comes after HTS launched, yesterday,a full-scale offensive against Ahrar-held areas in Idlib southern countryside and Hama northern countryside.

The terror organization – which is part of the National Front for Liberation – managed to capture several towns and villages from Ahrar during the first few hours of the attack.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government-run news agency SANA reported that units from the Syrian Army continue to carry out its military operations against militants’ positions and movements inside Lataminah and its surroundings in northern Hama countryside.

“Accurate strikes have been also conducted in the southern and eastern countryside of Idlib”, SANA added.

Local activists also said that Syrian and Russian warplanes were seen hovering the area.

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