Syrian lands

Return of all Syrian areas to state authority way to stop increase of terrorism...

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has renewed Russia’s determination to continue backing Syria to eradicate terrorism. Lavrov, in a joint press conference with his German...
US airstrikes Syria

20 civilians most women & children killed in US-led coalition airstrikes

Twenty civilians, including women and children, have been killed in new airstrikes carried out by the US-led international coalition in al-Baghouz Foqani village, in...
Idlib SAA

Syrian army strikes militants in Idlib, foils infiltration attempts in Hama

Syrian Army units conducted concentrated bombardments against positions of the militant groups in retaliation to the attack they launched against military posts positioned in...

SDF captures 8 foreign ISIS jihadists in eastern Syria

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces released an official statement confirming that it has captured alive 8 foreign militants fighting for the Islamic State (ISIS)...

Ahrar al-Sham dissolves itself as per deal with Nusra

Ahrar al-Sham Islamic Movement agreed on to dissolve itself in al-Ghab Plains and Shahshabo Mountain region following agreement with the Syrian al-Qaeda branch; Hay'at...

VIDEO || Syrian government, SDF trade fuel: monitor group

In spite of political rivalry, the Syrian government and Kurdish militia continue to trade fuel, a monitoring group reported. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human...

Foreign jihadist assassinated in Syria’s Idlib as infighting heats up

A senior jihadi commander was assassinated by unidentified assailants in the eastern countryside of Idlib as infighting among rival rebel organizations rages. Abu al-Miqdam al-Jazrawi,...

Nusra attacks rival rebel alliance in west Hama, captures several towns

The al-Qaeda offshoot in Syria launched - today - a full scale offensive against rival rebel alliance in al-Ghab plains and Shahshado Mountain region...

VIDEO: Russian troops patrol Manbij after US forces pulled out

Troops from the Russian military police were seen patrolling the northern outskirts of Manbij city after the US partially pulled out forces. According to sources,...

Five ISIS foreign jihadists arrested by SDF in eastern Syria

The US-backed Kurdish forces captured 5 foreign jihadists while combating the Islamic State (ISIS) in eastern Syria. The foreign militants, including 2 Americans and an...