Foreign fighters are still pouring into Syria from neighboring countries, despite the Islamic State’s (ISIS) defeat in several parts of the country.

According to the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs Chairman Joe Dunford, foreign fighters loyal to the Islamic State terror organization are still entering Syria at a rate of approximately 100 a month.

“It’s the flow of foreign fighters, the ability to move resources, and the ideology that allows these groups to operate,” Dunford said, opening a conference on countering violent extremism, as quoted by the AFP News Agency.

While Dunford did not specify which border these Islamic State militants are using to enter Syria, it is very likely that they crossing into the Idlib Governorate from Turkey’s Hatay Province.

Over the last two months, the Islamic State has managed to increase the size of their forces in Idlib, prompting the rebels in the province to carry out several operations to eliminate the terrorist group’s sleeper cells.

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