In what some are calling the “new normal” in Iraq, a slew of women known for their popularity on social media or for owning beauty salons has been killed. Perhaps no one understands this phenomenon first-hand better than Miss Iraq 2015, Shimaa Qasim Abdulrahman.

The native of Kirkuk recently left the country after the death of fellow Iraqi beauty queen and social media star Tara Fares who was shot dead in her car in Baghdad on September 27.

Shortly after Abdulrahman won Miss Iraq in 2015 she said that she received a phone call from an ISIS member threatening to kidnap her if she did not join the extremist group.

Fares’ murder, however, was the tipping point for Abdulrahman whose mother is Kurdish and father is Arab. She has left for Jordan.

“I was threatened with murder. My life was in danger. The killing of this many people scared me. I wasn’t comfortable living there anymore. That is why I left Iraq and came to Jordan,”

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