The battle for the strategic Al-Safa region of southern Syria as recently intensified after the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) reinforcements poured into the Al-Sweida Governorate.
Backed by the 5th and 9th divisions, the Syrian Arab Army continued their push up the rocky terrain of the Al-Safa region this morning.
The Syrian Arab Army reportedly attacked the Al-Habariyeh and Qabr Sheikh Hussein areas, where they were confronted by a large Islamic State force.
According to a military source in Sweida city, the Syrian Arab Army managed to liberate more areas from the Islamic State, despite the fierce resistance they faced from the terrorist group.
The source said that the terrorist forces lost over 20 fighters in the last 24 hours, including two snipers that wreaked havoc on the Syrian Arab Army troops that were pushing up the mountain.
The Islamic State still maintains control over a large swath of territory in the Al-Safa region; however, it appears their forces are finally collapsing after more than two months of intense fighting.
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