Syrian Army units conducted concentrated bombardments against positions of the militant groups in retaliation to the attack they launched against military posts positioned in the area to protect the safe towns in Hama northern countryside and Idlib countryside.

SAA units positioned in Idlib countryside carried out concentrated bombardments against dens of the terrorist groups in al-Tah town in retaliation to their attempts to infiltrate towards liberated areas, killing scores of their members.

Army field source indicated that army units retaliated with suitable weapons against the breaches of the demilitarized zone agreement by terrorists who infiltrated from the direction of Tal al-Sakhir town in Mharda western countryside and foiled their infiltration attempt into the safe areas.

The source added that an army unit destroyed positions of terrorists of the so-called “Ezza Brigades” in the direction of al-Latamina which they used as a basis for launching their attacks against the safe villages and military posts positioned in Hama northern countryside

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