Troops from the Russian military police were seen patrolling the northern outskirts of Manbij city after the US partially pulled out forces.

According to sources, the Russian patrol drove over 12 km inside the northern city where the US forces has no presence at all.

Spokesman of the Russian Military police, Yusuf Mamatov,  said Russian began patrolling the city of Manbij near the borders with Turkey.

“Our mission lies in ensuring security in an area that falls under our responsibility, controlling the situation and monitoring the movements of armed groups”, he said.

Last week, the Syrian and Russian forces entered Manbij after the Kurdish militia called on the Syrian government to protect the city from the Turkish threats.

This comes after President Donald Trump announced that US forces are pulling out from Syrian soon.

In a related context, the Syrian ministry of Defense officially declared that up to 400 Kurdish fighters withdrew from Manbij last Wednesday.

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